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Car Adventures

After pick up from your hotel we will set out by car for a 300KM road trip South East of Siem Reap to the beautiful city of Kampong Cham which sits on the banks of the Mekong River.  We will make detours along the way to some amazing locations. 

We will take rest stops to see and taste Bamboo sticky rice, Ombok (fried crushed rice) and we will watch the clever way in which the locals produce these. There will also be the opportunity to taste various exotic fruits and interact with local people. As we drive through numerous towns we can see and stop at local stalls selling authentic produce like dried meets, sausages, and fish. We will also stop at the rubber plantation and learn how the sap of trees is extracted for rubber production.

A small detour will be made to the top of Phnom Sontuk, a Mountain where there is a colorful  Pagoda, a monk house, reclining Buddha, Buddha footprint, monuments and statues and monkeys playing in the trees and on the ground around you.  You will also go to Male and Female Mountains and learn the story behind their names. After driving a while further we will arrive at your hotel where dinner and room is included in the cost of the tour. After dinner you will have free time.  A leisurely walk along the Mekong River as the sun sets is the perfect way to unwind and reflect. 

If you wake early enough the following morning you will have the opportunity to watch a magnificent sunrise over the river before breakfast. 

After breakfast we will go to Koh Pen - an island which sits in the waters of the Mekong River. In the dry season you can see the Bamboo Bridge which connects the mainland to the island. In the wet season, only the concrete bridge can be used for access. 

We will then go to Han Chey Mountain to see a Pagoda and a small temple and you can enjoy the beautiful view across the Mekong River and its islands. 

After Han Chey Mountain we will return to the city for lunch before visiting Nokor Bachey Temple, where you will learn an interesting story relating to a young boy who was swallowed by a fish. 

After this we will go to Preah Theat Tuk Chha Temple where there is a spring water river. During public holidays the Khmer locals like to spend family time relaxing beside the water. The area is not commonly frequented by tourists which gives you the opportunity for a more authentic experience. 

From the temple you will drive to the city of Kampong Thom for the night where you will enjoy free time.

After breakfast, we will commence our journey back to Siem Reap, along the way taking a slight detour to explore Sambor Prei Kuk, A group of temples built in the 7th Century, making them more historical than the famous Angkor Wat.  This is recently listed World Heritage site, listed on the 8th July 2017, but it remains a less tourist populated archaeologial site.

From the temples we will make our way back to Siem Reap, enjoying the scenery along the way and you will be returned to your hotel at the completion of the tour.

This extended tour includes 2nights and 3days

Tour cost: $260 per day per person 

Total cost: $780/person

Two people sharing a room will discount: $50

Tour inclusive of:

  • Car, meals, snacks, hotel, Temple ticket, water

Tour cost does not include:

  • Coffee/Tea/Softdrink/ Alcoholic beverages

-Insurance is not included in the tour cost (please ensure your private insurance company will cover you in the event of accident, injury or loss of personal belongings)

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